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Disability in the University Workplace – How to Address the Challenges Your University May Face

Those with disabilities do not want to be treated differently or have lower expectations than their peers.  Instead, they only want to have an opportunity to succeed and to perform at the same level as those who do not have a disability.


University motivational and diversity speaker John Quinn offers entertaining and informational presentations about how he overcame the physical challenges of Cerebral Palsy to become a Naval Senior Enlisted Officer while hiding his disability. As part of his presentation, John discusses how universities and colleges can better appreciate and respond to the challenges of integrating diversity into their programs.


Individuals with disabilities, whether they are a student or faculty member, want the same rights and opportunities as any other individual in the system. They want the ability to learn or do the job they were hired to do. They do not want expectations to be lowered because of their disability; instead they want the opportunity to perform to the best of their ability despite of their disability.

John did not want to hide this condition, but he was afraid if he told the truth, military officials wouldn’t even let him in the front door.  John was right!  John believes that no one should have to keep a secret in order to live the life they want for themselves.  John Quinn broke through the barrier of people’s expectations in the hope that others will be able to follow behind him – and not keep their disability a secret.


Have John speak at your university or school assembly, and be set for a compelling, entertaining, inspirational, and informative presentation that administrators, professors, and students will not want to miss.

John W. Quinn - Author of Someone Like Me


John W. Quinn is author of the powerful memoir “Someone Like Me – An Unlikely Story of Challenge and Triumph Over Cerebral Palsy.

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