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Retiring from a successful 20-year career in the Navy, despite being born with cerebral palsy, John knows the determination and strength it takes to overcome obstacles and achieve dreams.

Determined to follow his brother into the Navy, John did not let his disability get in the way. In fact, he did just the opposite, he looked at it as a challenge to overcome.

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John speaks to audiences about the importance of attacking challenges head on, and the value of teamwork in moving forward.

He outlines the significance of breaking down an obstacle or goal into identifiable steps to be conquered and achieved.


Inclusion and Disability Awareness

The goal of workplace inclusion and disability awareness should not be to hire differently-abled workers to fill a corporate goal, while lowering the bar in terms of what is expected.  It should be to help the differently-abled people achieve and perform at the same standards expected of everyone else.

With Cerebral Palsy, John explains what it has been like to have to hide his disability from the US Navy for an entire career, as well as the tremendous and painful experiences that he had to endure.  As John explains, “Individuals with disabilities are not looking to be judged on different standards – instead, they are looking for an opportunity to succeed.”

Let John speak to your law firm to better learn about how what it is like from the vantage point of someone with a disability.

Life Challenges, Inspiration and Overcoming Bullying

Growing up with cerebral palsy, having to wear “special shoes” for many years for years, and enduring painful therapy taught John not to let any obstacles overcome him.  He did not let bullying and his severe disability limit him in going out for his high school wrestling team, where he achieved a perfect record – losing all 72 matches in which he participated.

In addition to overcoming the ongoing daily painful effects of Cerebral Palsy, John overcame his brother’s suicide and alcoholism.

Let John address your firm on what it takes to successfully move forward and triumph over adversity even when times are hard.

Custom Speeches

Are you looking for a speaker to speak on a certain topic or topics?  With John’s vast life experiences, he can customize a presentation to meet your law firm’s needs.

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If your law firm or practice group is looking for a motivational or keynote speaker, contact John. John can work with you to create a program to inspire your firm.

John W. Quinn - Author of Someone Like Me


John W. Quinn is author of the powerful memoir “Someone Like Me – An Unlikely Story of Challenge and Triumph Over Cerebral Palsy.

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